BSI researchers receive funding for research relevant for finding new antibiotics to treat superbugs

Researchers at the Biomolecular Sciences Institute are investigating novel drug target and screening technology for new antibiotics, to help address the global crisis of superbugs that are resistant to available antimicrobial medicines.

Image BSI Director Dr. Yuk-Ching Tse-Dinh will receive $1.3M over the next four years to investigate the structure, mechanism, interactions and regulation of bacterial topoisomerase I, a validated target for discovery of novel antibacterial compounds on her renewed R01 entitled “Control of DNA Topology". The proposed work is of timely relevance for the development of new antibacterial therapy to combat the global health problem of multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens.

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ImageBSI faculty member, Dr. Fenfei Leng will use his 2 year, $470K award, "Targeting transcription-coupled DNA supercoiling for discovering antibiotics against bacterial DNA gyrase", to develop novel high throughput screening assays to discover new classes of antibiotics from the millions of compounds found in small molecule libraries to fight this urgent public health threat.

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Drs. Tse-Dinh and Leng have collaboratively published their studies in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Biophysical Chemistry Journal. Together they hope their research will lead to new drug discoveries to help fight the growing crisis posed by drug-resistant bacteria.