College of Medicine Faculty

Department of Medicine

  • Miguel A. Villalona-Calero - Translating laboratory science to clinical trials in cancer patients: Establishing experimental tumor models in animals, development of biomarkers as predictors of response. As well as the performance of molecular correlative studies to clinical trials. Dr. Villalona Calero is also interested in ways of targeting deficiencies in DNA repair with agents that target alternative mechanisms of repair, conducting clinical trials and extensive correlative and preclinical work in this area. Curriculum Vitae

Department of Cellular Biology and Pharmacology

Department of Human and Molecular Genetics

  • Alexander Agoulnik – Reproductive biology and endocrinology, transgenic animal models of human diseases, small molecule modulators of G protein-coupled receptors. Curriculum Vitae
  • Wenrui Duan - Cancer genetics, the mechanisms by which genetic and epigenetic alterations contribute to chemo-resistance of cancer therapeutics, and evaluations of novel chemotherapeutic agents with animal models. Curriculum Vitae
  • Kalai Mathee Narasimhan - The molecular mechanisms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis. The significance of research on this organism stems from the fact that chronic bronchopulmonary infection with mucoid (Alg+) strains of P. aeruginosa is the leading cause of mortality in patients suffering from cystic fibrosis (CF). Curriculum Vitae
  • Helen Tempest - Utilizing molecular cytogenetics to study reproductive biology and chromatin organization. Our specific research endeavors to better understand the genetic basis of male infertility and to study the role of chromatin organization in DNA damage, DNA repair, gene expression and genome stability. Curriculum Vitae