Zika roundtable held with Rep. Carlos Curbelo and local stakeholders


Dr. Matthew DeGennaro, BSI Researcher and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences attended Rep. Carlos Curbelo's roundtable meeting with local stakeholders and health experts to address the Zika virus in Miami-Dade County. Florida’s 26th Congressional District. Rep. Curbelo released the following statement:

"As legislators, we must do everything in our power to protect Americans from the Zika virus, which is why funding the Zika response effort should be Congress’ top priority. Reports today coming from Miami Beach suggest that Zika may now be spreading in the area. The number of cases in Miami-Dade County also continues to grow. Today's roundtable was an excellent opportunity to bring together local stakeholders and health experts to discuss the current situation and raise awareness as children and families prepare to begin the new school year. I will continue working with Republicans and Democrats in Congress to make sure we can adequately respond to this threat to public health and to our economy here in South Florida and throughout the country."