BSI faculty and students collaborate on a joint publication


Title: Analysis of Chemotherapeutic Drug Delivery at the Single Cell Level

Dose-response dynamics during therapeutic treatments can be hindered by the pharmacokinetics of the drug on the process of reaching the target site. At the single cell level, major research efforts are based on developing a better understanding of the cellular uptake for specific and non specific accumulation at the cellular level of chemotherapeutic drugs in order to optimize the therapeutic response by reducing the drug loading as a way to mitigate unwanted secondary effects and toxicity levels. In a recent paper in the J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. (2016) , a team of BSI-FIU researchers lead by Dr. Jeremy Chambers (Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine) and Dr. Francisco Fernandez-Lima (College of Arts, Sciences and Education) developed for the first time a semi quantitative workflow to account for the biological cell diversity based on the spatial distribution of endogenous molecular markers (e.g., nuclei and cytoplasm) and mass spectrometry confirmation based on the ratio of drug specific fragments to molecular ion as a function of the therapeutic dosage using label-free, tridimensional mass spectrometry imaging (3D-MSI-TOF-SIMS). This work represents a major breakthrough in the way we interrogate biological samples and demonstrates that 3D intracellular, label-free chemical mapping with high spatial resolution (~250nm) can be performed at therapeutic dosage levels.

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